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The chain snatching cases were on the rise in Thane Police Commissionerate. It was challenge for the officers and men of the Crime Branch Units of the Thane City. Traps were being led by the staff of this unit at various places. After the strenuous and hard efforts they succeeded in nabbing one Sikander Mumtaj KasamAli Jaffari 45 yrs.
During the course of interrogation the Unit V Wagle Crime Branch, Thane succeeded in detecting 83 - Chain Snatching and 8- Cheating cases, which were committed at the various places in the Thane Police Commissionerate. 10 co-accused were also arrested on the information of gang leader Sikander Jafffari. The property i.e. Gold Ornaments weighing 2,817 grams worth Rs.64,52,500/- were recovered at the instance of accused persons. In this cases police also arrested one Vasanji Dedhiya for receiving stolen property i.e. Gold ornaments weighing 1773 grams valued at Rs.49,71,300/- from the accused as well as other persons. In this connection a case vide Cr.No.I 68/12 u/s.5,34 of Money laundering act was registered at MFC Police Station against Vasanji Dedhiya. He was arrested in this case.
Till the end of the July 2012, total 325 Cases of Chain Snatching were reported. After the arrest of 11 accused person 249 offences of Chain Snatching were reported till 31.12.2012. Statistically, there was reduction in the commission of said offence. This occurred due to appliance of Robbery Sections i.e. 392 & 394 IPC. Due to this the accused persons could not be granted bail. As the result of which they remain in Police/Jail Custody for a longer time. Till now we have identified three groups who were operating in different areas.
However, stringent preventive action like MCOCA is being initiated against them with a view to curb the activities of chain snatching. Total 68 accused from 3 groups were booked in 3 different cases of chain snatching by applying provisions of MCOCA. Nevertheless, chain snatching cases have not been completely stopped. Few offenders are still operating in this commissionerate. Efforts are being made to trace them and detect remaining cases at the earliest.
MANPADA CR.NO.78/12 U/S.393,34 IPC
Kalyan Crime Branch arrested accused namely Satish Suresh Lashkar and his 2 associates. Detected 5 cases of Chain robbery, recovered gold ornaments worth rs.3,91,000. Sections of MCOCA applied against this gang.



1) Senior Citizen Smt. Maya Arvind Bahulkar Murder case of Thanenagar P S. C.R. No. 194/12. Detected the case within 24 hrs. arrested two accused, one of them was her son in law.
2) Crime Branch Ulhasnagar Unit detected serial killing cases. Total 4 murder and 1 dacoity were detected and property worth Rs. 268000 recovered. Accused Namely Jaising @ Raja Madhu Mudliyar and his associate were arrested. MCOC was applied to the case. (Central P. S. CR No.45/11)
3) Ambernath P. Stn. C.R. No. 194/12 detected double murder case in which deseased 1) Rakesh Bholanath Vishwakarma 2)Amitkumar Puranchand Dhirmalani were killed by the accused Diljit Babusing Labhani and his associate over propery dispute and previous enmity.
4) Murder case of railway employee was detected by Srinagar P Stn. C. R. 282 / 12 within 24 hrs.
5) Kalwa P Stn. C.R. No. 402/12 Murder case of lady namely Gayatri Sampat Lohar was detected. Accused arrested was her brother in law.
6) M.F.C. P. Stn. C.R.No. 92/12 detected case of murder with kidnapping of driver of swift car. Deceased Ghansham Manishankar Pathak was kidnapped and killed by Akash Gajanan Salunke and 3 associates.
7) Vishnunagar P. Stn. C.R. No. 85/12 case of murder detected in which deceased Anil Bhoir was killed by his wife and her boyfriend over illicit relation.He was killed by using poison (Seeds of Dhatura).
8) Vishnunagar P. Stn C.R. No.208/12. In this case Vishnunagar Police found one unidentified body. First they register ADR, during enquiry they publish photos of body in the newspaper Yashobhumi (Hindi Dainik). His relatives identified the body after reading the newspaper. His name was Shakil Ahmed Nawab Ansari. Thus identity of the deceased was established and accused Namely Nisar Ahmed Bashir Ansari was arrested from UP.
Manpada P. Stn. CR No. 188/12 detected murder case of Sharad Malgaonkar. He was killed by his wife Shradha and her boyfriend Sushil Waghmare.
9) Manpada P S. C.R.No. 337/12 detected murder case of Smt. Kamlesh Sisodiya. She was killed by her husband Nadeem Ahmed Shaikh.
10) Narpoli P S C.R.No.288/2012. Deceased Rohitkumar Mahala age 20 was killed by Shitalaprasad @ Munna Triloknath Pandey and his associate. Motive- Arrested accused used to steal goods from the godowns and deceased was aware about it. They fear that he will inform their names to the police.
11) Bazarpeth P. Stn C R No. No.65/2012. Ulhasnagar Unit of Crime Branch detected murder case of Bittu Haris .In this case Accused Namely Amjad @ Lamboo Yusuf Pathan and his gang was arrested. They are doing illegal business of narcotics in Kalyan City. MCOC was applied to this case.
12) Vishnunagar P S CR. No.112/12 In this case deceased Santosh Pawar was kidnapped in the rickshaw and killed by the accused namely Prasad Bhoir and his 3 associates.
13) Ulhasnagar P S C R.No.113/12. In this case missing complaint of deceased Rani Kishor Sukreja was lodged by her husband on.6/12/11. On 24/5/2012 Ulhasnagar Crime Branch detected this case and arrested accused namely Dilip Meghani and Sani Radhesham Madnani.



1) Nizampura P S CR No. 131/2012. In this case Adv. Manoj Ratilal Rayacha was attempted to murder by firing. Accused namely Saqib Nachan and his associates were arrested in this case. Sections of MCOCA were applied to this case.
Kopri P S C R. No.84/2012. In this case Victim Shri Rajesh Chandrasen Ghadge, (Shivsena Shakha Pramukh) was assaulted with sharp weapon over business rivalry. He was doing business of Octroi Agent. Accused namely Navnath Sakharam Gurav and his gang was arrested. Sections of MCOC were applied to this case.



1) Srinagar P S Cr.No.71/12 IPC In this case complainant Shri Suresh Agrawal was kidnapped in Maruti Omni Car on the point of firearm. He was assaulted and gold ornaments worth Rs.1,60,000 were looted. Accused namely Anant Tanaji Dusar and his 5 associates were arrested and stolen property was recovered
2) Narpoli P S Cr.No.256/12 In this case watchmen of BNN College, Bhiwandi was abducted and confined in the cabin on the point of sharp weapons and cash worth Rs.57000 was stolen. Accused namely Ghansham Babu Yadav and 4 associates were arrested in this case and property recovered Rs.57000. Accused Ghansham Babu Yadav and his associate form organized crime syndicate. They continuously doing unlawful activities. Hence section of MCOCA applied to this case.



1) Vishnunagar Cr.No.145/2012. Accused namely Arif Mohd. Ali Ansari was arrested, total 7 hbt cases detected and gold ornament worth Rs.1,88,000 recovered from him ( AEC)
2) Vartakangar P S Cr.No.24/12 Beatmarshall of Naupada P S caught 3 minor boys while patrolling, detected 4 cases of HBT and recovered Rs.3,04,200 gold jewelry from them.
3) Kalwa Cr.No.172/12 Arrested accused namely Shakeel Jamil Sheikh and his associate. Detected 9-HBT & 2-Theft cases, recovered 190 gram gold ornaments worth Rs.3,91,000
4) Dombivali P S Cr.No.96/12 In this case gold jewelery worth Rs.7,97,700 was stolen by breaking house of the complainant. During investigation it is transpired that the HBT was committed by the friends of the complainants son.
5) Wagle Estate P S Cr.No.50/12 In this case gold and cash worth Rs.9,60,000 was stolen from the house of complainant Shri Raju Joshi. Wagle Unit of Crime Branch detect this case by arresting accuse Jigar Prakash Pandya r/o Mulund. Stolen property recovered from him.
6) Vartaknagar P S Cr.No.493/12 In this case accuse namely Ajay @ Gotya Rajesh Bondre r/o.Kalwa was arrested and recovered jewelry worth Rs.6,43,400. Also 2 HBTs of Kapurbawdi & Kasarwadavli detected from him.
7) MFC P S Cr.No.429/12 In this case staff of patrolling mobile of MFC caught accuse namely Chandrashekhar Baba Pawar and detect 3 cases of HBT.
8) Vishnunagar Cr.No.137/12 Detected 6 cases from Accused Arif Mohd. Ali Ansari.
9) Nizampura P S Cr.No.2/12 Detected 5 cases of HBT (includes theft from temple) by arresting accused namely Aslam Tahir Momin age 30.
10) Naupada P S Cr.No.262/12 4 cases of HBT detected by arresting accused namely Mrugesh Chettiyar and stolen property worth Rs.6,88,000 recovered from him.


1) Narpoli P S Cr.No.96/12 : Accused namely Viraj Gajanan thakre and his 2 associates were arrested by Bhiwandi Crime Branch Unit.Total 12 motor cycles recovered from them.Total 12 cases were detected.
2) Vishnunagar P S Cr.No.170/12 : Total 8 stolen motor cycles recovered from accused Amit Kamlesh Bhanushali & his 2 associates.
3) Manpada P S Cr.No.117/12 : 5 cases of vehicle theft were detected from accused namely Rajkumar@ Raju Ramesh Mishra.
4) MFC P S C R No.455/11 : Accused namely Sachin Baburao Patil @ Sonawane and his associate Ashfaq Sheikh hired vehicles of the complainants with false promises and disposing the vehicles by sale. 27 vehicles worth Rs.1,63,00,000 recovered and detected 5 cases.



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