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FAQ'1 Hotel Branch

Hotel Branch

Ans :

Is a Police permit required for Hotels?

Ans :

Is a license necessary for a Hotel and a Permit Room?

Ans :

Is a permit required for a Juice Center?

Ans :

From where the Registration Certificate is issued?
An application should be submitted to the concerned Police official and then the certificate may be issued.

Ans :

What is the fee for obtaining a Hotel License? ( Eating House )
Rs. 75/-. This is to be renewed every year on 1st January.


Ans :

Is it necessary to obtain a permit from the Excise Department first and then from Police?
In order to sell liquor, there should be a FL-III / E / E-2 Permit, and after that, a Police permit can be issued.

Ans :

What kind of permits are given to Hotels?
In hotels where liquor is sold, a P.P.E.L. (Place of Public Entertainment License) Class “A” is given; Hotels with Guest House facility are given the P.P.E.L. Class “B”

Ans :

Is a Police permit required for the set-up?
Yes. P.P.E.L.

Ans :

Where is the Police permit available?
A Police permit can be issued by the Divisional A.C.P. Office.

Ans :

When is the permit for games given?
After the permit for location is given, the Police Department issues a permit for sports.

Ans :

Is a Police license required for a Restaurant?
Yes, for a restaurant Registration Certificate is required. It is issued by the Div. ACP. License/ Renewal Fees; Rs. 75/-; to be renewed every year from 1st January to 31st December

Ans :

What kind of a license is required for a permit room? 
P.P.E.L. class A (Place of Public Entertainment License) is required. Renewal of the said License is from 1st April to 31st March, every year. License/ Renewal Fees for permit-room is Rs. 6,000.


What kind of License is issued for a guest-house/ lodge?
P.P.E.L. class B (Place of Public Entertainment License) is required. Renewal of the said License is from 31st December every year.

Ans :

What is FL-III and FL-IV and how it is obtained?
The proposals for FL-III and FL-IV are received from the Superintendent State Excise to the License Branch. On receipt of the proposal, the same is sent concerned Police Station for his remarks and antecedent verification. The proposal is also sent to Zonal DCP for his remarks. On receipt of the above reports, the licensing authorities convey the same to the Superintendent State Excise for further necessary action.

Ans :

 From where the PPEL Class A Licenses are issued and how?
In case of PPEL Class A license, an application is submitted to the Divisional Office by the applicant for obtaining the FL-III or FL-IV from the State Excise Department, and then the licensing authority issues PPEL license.

Ans :

Is there any license required for Amusement activities?
Yes, a Premises License is necessary, which is issued by the C.P. Thane License Branch. The fees for the said license are Rs. 400/- per year and the license is renewed on 1st January, every year.

     The above terms and conditions are subject to change as per State Government rules and amendments made by the Licencing Authority from time to time. The Licencing Authority may ask for any other necessary documents if required other than mentioned above.  

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