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FAQ's Video Theatre

Video Theatre

Ans :

I wish to start a video theatre, which are the licenses I require?
You require the Premises License and the Ticket selling license.

Ans :

Which authority issue these licenses?
The Commissioner Of Police issues these licenses.

Ans :

What should I do to procure these licenses?
You will have to make an application on plain paper affixing a court fee stamp of Rs. 5 on it.

Ans :

What are the requirements to start the said business?
You have to submit following documents along with your application.
i)    Copy of the plan certified by the architect
ii)   Rent receipt/NOC of the landlord of the place
iii)  NOC of the Executive Engineer, PWD.
iv)  NOC from the Electrical Inspector.
v)   NOC from the CONCERNED CORPORATION  Health department.
vi)  NOC from the Collector of Thane.
Vii) NOC's from residents of the locality.
viii) NOC from the Fire department.


Ans :

I don't have all these required documents at present. Can I submit them afterwards?
Unless you submit these documents, your application will not be processed and you cannot start the business by submitting an incomplete application.

Ans :

I have submitted all the documents. Are there any additional requirements? 
After receipt of all required documents, the application will be processed. Enquiries will be made by the concerned Police station regarding suitability of the place and the law and order situation.

Ans :

What about enquiries regarding suitability of the place?
Enquiries will be made by the concerned/local Police station
i)   Whether the place is in closed premises
ii)  Whether the area of premises is more than 40 sq. meters
iii) Whether the place is on the ground floor of a building.
iv) Whether the screen can be seen outside the premises.
v)  Whether sound goes out of the premises.
vi) Distance between the floor and the roof.
vii) Seating capacity at a time
viii)Whether the distance between the screen and first lane is more than 1.80 meters.
ix) Whether the size of the screen or the T.V. is more than 51 centimeters.
x)  Whether folding chairs are fixed on the floor.
xi) Whether the distance between the two lines of the chairs is more than 30 centimeters.
xii) Whether the screen can be seen by the last person sitting on the last line.
xiii)Whether arrangement of fans/A.C. is made available.
xiv)Whether separate doors are made available for entrance and exit.
xv) Whether separate latrine facilities for ladies and gents are made available.
xvi)Whether first aid and prevention of fire arrangements are made available. 

Ans :

Under what rules do you issue the license and what are the documents required for the same?
Maharashtra Cinema (Regulation) Rules, 1966

Ans :

How long will the process take?
The process will take minimum 30 to 45 days from the date of submission of all the required documents.

Ans :

What is the fee for issuing the license?
The fee structure is as under:
Premises license fee Rs. 100 (annually).
Ticket selling license fee Rs. 15 (annually).


Ans :

If the report of the Police station is negative, what would be the result of my application?
If the report is negative or your application is rejected, you will be given a personal hearing.

Ans :

What is the procedure for the renewal of license?
You will have to make an application along with a copy of your license one month prior to the expiry of the license. You will also have to submit valid NOC's along with the application. Enquiries will be made through the concerned Police station and after the receipt of the enquiry report, you will be intimated.

Ans :

What are the renewal charges?
Same as license fees.

     The above terms and conditions are subject to change as per State Government rules and amendments made by the Licencing Authority from time to time. The Licencing Authority may ask for any other necessary documents if required other than mentioned above.  

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