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Form 'A' & Form 'VII' for arm license
Ans :
How does one procure a new Arms License?
By submitting an application in ‘A' form with Rs. 5/- Court fees stamp
Ans :
How much time it takes to get a new Arms License?
About 2 months after the application is submitted (provided all the doccuments are in order).
Ans :
What is procedure to procure a New Arms License?
The application form is sent to the concerned Police station. The Police station makes an enquiry and submit the report to the Zonal DCP who interviews the applicant and submits his report. Once convinced by the reports, the licensing authority issues the license.
Ans :
Which documents needs to be submitted for obtaining a new Arms License?
1.  Copy of Ration card
2.  Election card
3.  3. Last 3 year's I.T. Returns /chalan copy/assessment orders
4.  Two character certificates from the responsible citizens of your locality
5.  Physical fitness certificate
6.  Proof of Educational Qualifications (self attested copies of certificates. Original should not be submitted
     alongwith application).
7.  Proof of age (Birth Certificate/school leaving certificate).
8.  Supporting documents to justify the need for holding the arm for security or for sports etc.
Ans :
How an Arms license is renewed?
Licensee should fill-in the renewal form and affix Rs. 5/- Court fees stamp thereupon. The licensee should produce his weapon and license for inspection at the time of renewal and pay the renewal fees. Renewal will be done immediately and the necessary noting about renewal will be made in the license.
Ans :
My license has expired three months back. What should I do?
Fill up the renewal from, produce the weapon for inspection along with the license. You have to pay late fee and thereafter, the license will be renewed on satisfaction of the issueing authority about the delay.
Ans :
My license has expired more than a year back, what should I do?
Produce the weapon for inspection before the licensing authorityalong with the renewal form. Submit your explanation for the delay preferably with the documentary support for the same. You will be issued with a Show Cause Notice. Submit your reply within 15 days. The issue will be decided by the licensing authority on merits of the case, and the decision will be communicated to you by letter, through the concerned Police station.

Ans :
License holder was out of station and hence could not renew the license in time. What is the remedy?
1) Deposit the weapon at the nearest Police station
2) Obtain receipt for the same
3) Fill up the renewal form as an agent of the license holder and submit the same.
4) When the license holder returns, direct him to the office of licensing authority for renewal of his arms
    license, as explained above.
Ans :
My license has expired more than a year back, what should I do?
1) Submit an application as per the format (TJP - Temporary Journey Permit) with Rs. 5/- Court Fees Stamp.
2) Attach a copy of the license.
3) Next day, pay a fee of Rs. 20/-. If approved, your TJP will be issued on the next day.
4) TJP is only valid for 30 days and is subject to local restrictions imposed by the local authority.
Ans :
How do I get a license for property protection (Per-Pro Basis)?
License for property protection is granted on Per-Pro basis. The procedure is same as that of obtaining a new license.

Ans :
My father/uncle/husband/ relative was a license holder. He expired and now the license or the weapon is in my possession. What should I do ?
1) You have to deposit the weapon and the original license (with ammunition) for safe custody at the nearest police station. A safe custody receipt will be issued to you.
2) If you want to retain the weapon, submit your application for a new arms license in form A
3) The weapon can be kept in safe custody for one year. Charges for safe custody are @ Rs.50/- for per year.
4) Procedure for issuing a new license is same as explained above.
5) 8) Please remember that grant of new license depends on your eligibility.
Ans :
My father/relative is old. He wishes to give me his weapon. What is the procedure?
1) Make an application for arms license in form A .
2) Attach a consent letter of the license holder with an affidavit on Rs. 20/- stamp paper.
3) Attach NOC from all legal heirs on a Rs.20/- stamp paper, duly notarized.
4) The remaining procedure is same as for procuring a new license.
5) Please remember, grant of license depends upon your eligibility, and not on the wishes of donor.

Ans :
My All India Arms License was issued in another State. I want it to be registered/renewed in Maharashtra. What should I do?
1) Submit an application in prescribed form for re-registration to the licensing authority (C.P./D.M.).
2) Attach a copy of the arms license.
3) Attach residential proof.
4) 10 NOC from the original licensing authority should also be attached. This NOC produced by the applicant is liable for a recheck from the concerned authorities directly.
5) A Police station report with remarks from the Zonal DCP/SP should also be attached. On receiving the NOC and remarks, decision shall be taken by the licensing authority about re-registration.

Ans :
I want to make my license issued for one city, valid in the whole of Maharashtra. What is the procedure?
1) Make an application, explaining the reasons for your request, on a plain paper with Rs.5/- court fees stamp; to the licensing authority.
2) Attach a copy of Arms license.
3) The application will be sent to the police station (having jurisdiction over the area of your place of residence) for enquiry.
4) On receipt of Police station report, you will be called for an interview.
5) The decision will be conveyed to you in writing through the Police station.
Ans :
I want to make my license valid in the whole of India. What should I do?
1) Submit an application (explaining the reasons) to the Government of Maharashtra, Pol- IX, Home Department, Mantralaya, Mumbai with a copy of the license.
2) The application will be sent to the Police station/Unit for an enquiry,
3) On receipt of the report, you will be interviewed by the appropriate authority.
4) The Government of Maharashtra will take the decision on merits and you will be informed accordingly.
Ans :
1 want to sell my weapon. What is the procedure?
1) Submit an application (on plain paper) with Rs.5/- court fees stamp and attach a copy of your license.
2) Inform Arms and Ammunition Branch/DM with relevant documents.
3) If all documents are in order, sale permission will be issued.
The above terms and conditions are subject to change as per State Government rules and amendments made by the Licencing Authority from time to time. The Licencing Authority may ask for any other necessary documents if required other than mentioned above.
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