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FAQ's Circus Branch


Ans :

Which Police License are required for circus?
1. Premises license
2. Ticket Selling license
3. Performance license

Ans :

What is the procedure for obtaining temporary license for a circus?
An application should be in writing affixing court fees stamp of Rs. 5 on it.
The application should be submitted along with certified copies of the following documents to the Commissioner of Police Thane:
1.  NOC from the Landlord
2.  NOC from the Traffic Police
3.  NOC from the Fire Brigade
4.  NOC from the Electrical Inspector
5.  NOC from the Health Department of the CONCERNED CORPORATION  
6.  If there is a telephone, a certificate from the MTNL office
7.  NOC from the Collector
8.  Undertaking from applicant to observe The Provisions Of Cruelty To Animals  Act-1960.
9.  The plan (map) showing details of the premises where the circus will be held.
10  NOC from PWD Department.


Ans :

After submitting the application, what is the procedure followed for issuing a license for circus?
The application will be sent to the local Police station for enquires on the following points:
1. Whether the site in question is on the main road or in a by-lane and how far it  is from the road.
2. Whether the site in question is situated in a residential area and whether it will  cause a nuisance to the residents of the locality.
3. Whether the site is suitable from the traffic point of view.
4. Whether the site was used on previous occasions for similar programs.
5. Was there any complaints from the members of the public or residents
    regarding nuisance.
6. Whether there is any objection for granting the permission.
7. What is the seating arrangement made and whether it is sound.
8. Certificate for fitness of machinery.
9. Whether the place is within 100 meters from a hospital, court, educational institute or religious place and defined as a silence zone, as per Noise Pollution (Regulation & Control) Rules-2000.
After the receipt of this report through concerned ACP and DCP the decision will be taken and the applicant will be informed.


Ans :

What is the fees for license for Circus?

Premises license fees

Rs. 400

Ticket selling fees

Rs. 100

Performance license fees

Rs. 200 (per show)

Ans :

How long does it take to obtain a license for a circus?
It takes minimum 3 weeks.

     The above terms and conditions are subject to change as per State Government rules and amendments made by the Licencing Authority from time to time. The Licencing Authority may ask for any other necessary documents if required other than mentioned above.  

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