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FAQ's Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Ans :

What are the requirements for obtaining the license of a swimming pool.
You should make an application affixing a court fee stamp of Rs. 5 on it to the Commissioner of Police, Thane.

Ans :

What are the requirements to procure a swimming pool license?
You have to submit the following documents along with your application.
1.  Approved plans (3 sets)
2.  Name and address of the swimming pool and assessment number.
3.  Name and address of the individual/partnership firm/company on whose name the license has to be granted.
4.  Reason for requirement of the swimming pool
5.  NOC from the Health Officer, Concerned corporation
6.  NOC from the Chief Fire Officer
7.  List of all the Life Saving Equipments
8.  Details of the swimming pool (area, maximum and minimum depth, number of swimmers who can swim at a time, dressing room/showers/ bathrooms for ladies and gents).
9.  Name and address of the manager of swimming pool.
     After the receipt of all the required documents, the application will be processed. Enquiries will be made by the concerned Police station regarding the suitability of place and from the point of the law and order situation. A report will also be invited from the Traffic department from the traffic point of view.
    After the receipt of the above reports, a decision will be made and applicant is intimated accordingly.

Ans :

What is the fee structure?
License fees (as per new rules) Rs. 2,500 yearly.
Addition/alteration in the license Rs.450
Issue of duplicate license Rs. 450

Ans :

How much time will it take?
It will take minimum of three months.

Ans :

What is the renewal procedure?
For renewal of the swimming pool license, you will have to make an application affixing a court fee stamp of Rs. 5 on it and submit a NOC from The Health Department, Concerned corporation.

Ans :

What is the renewal fee?
Same as of license fee.

Ans :

How much time will it take?
It will take a minimum of 7 working days. 

Ans :

Under what rule is the Police license required?
Thane Police Commissionerate Swimming Pools (Licensing and Controlling) Rules, 2006.


Ans :

Our swimming pool is exclusively for the use of our members and not open for the public. Why do we need a Police license?
For this you will have to make an application providing all details of the swimming pool, its members and its bylaws. All the necessary enquiries will be made and you will be informed accordingly.

     The above terms and conditions are subject to change as per State Government rules and amendments made by the Licencing Authority from time to time. The Licencing Authority may ask for any other necessary documents if required other than mentioned above.  

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