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FAQ's Construction of Cinema Theatres/ Multiplexes

Construction of Cinema theatres/Multiplexes

Ans :

I plan to construct a cinema theatre/multiplex. What is the procedure for it?
First you have to obtain NOC for the location of the proposed construction from The Office Of The Commissioner Of Police

Ans :

What should I do to have such NOC?
You have to make an application affixing court fees stamp of Rs. 5/- along with following necessary documents.
1.  Plan of the proposed site indicating surroundings, roads and buildings up to a distance of 75 meters from the perimeter. Schools, hospitals, temples or other similar places should be clearly indicated in the plan along with floor wise plans (3 sets)
2. Certificate from the Collector for N.A. land.
3. Property card
4. Appointment letter of the architect.
5. Agreement between land Owner and Builder/Developer or Power of Attorney.
6. Copies of applications submitted to PWD and Buildings Proposals Department along with their remarks

Ans :

How much time will it take?
It will take six months because :
1. Objections will be invited from members of public by displaying a board with details of the proposal at the site and by publishing the same in three local news papers.
2. Enquiries will be conducted by the local Police station from the law and order point of view.
3. A  report will be invited from the traffic department for Traffic point of view.
4. After completion of all the above procedure, the proposal will be submitted to the government for previous sanction.
5. After the receipt of previous sanction from the government, an NOC will be issued.

Ans :

When should I start the construction?
To commence construction, you will require an NOC from the office of the Commissioner of Police.You will have to make an application and submit the following documents:
1. A true copy of the NOC issued by the licensing authority with respect to the site where the cinema is proposed to be put up.
2. Approved plans (by the Building Proposals Department, CONCERNED CORPORATION)
4. NOC from the Chief Fire officer, CONCERNED CORPORATION
After receipt of the same, the papers will be processed and then NOC for construction will be issued.

Ans :

How long will it take?
It will take one month.


Ans :

After completing construction, how do I procure a license to start the business?
After completing construction, you will have to make an application for grant of license. You have to submit the following documents along with your application:
1.  Occupation certificate from the CONCERNED CORPORATION .
2.  NOC from the Electrical Inspector.
3.  NOC from the Health Officer, CONCERNED CORPORATION.
4.  Certificate from MTNL.
5.  Certificate of lighting contractor.
6.  NOC from the Chief Fire Officer, CONCERNED CORPORATION.
7.  NOC from the Traffic Police regarding parking.
8.  NOC from PWD.
9.  Structural stability certificate from the architect.
10. Name and address of the Manager, Projector operator and Electrician.
After the receipt of the same, the proposal will be submitted to the Government for previous sanction. After receipt of the previous sanction from the Government, the license will be issued.

Ans :

How much time will this process take?
The process will take minimum two month's time.

Ans :

Under what law the license is required?
Maharashtra Cinema (Regulation) Rules, 1966

Ans :

What is the fee structure?
1. Cinema license
    up to 200 seats Rs. 4,000 for three years
    up to 679 seats Rs. 10,700 for three years
2. Ticket selling license Rs. 300
3. Addition/alteration in the license Rs. 25
4. Duplicate license Rs. 50

Ans :

What is the procedure for renewal of license
For renewal of the license, you will have to submit the following documents along with the application:
1. NOC from PWD
2. NOC from the Electrical Inspector
3. NOC from the Health Officer, CONCERNED CORPORATION
4. Certificate from MTNL
5. Certificate of lighting contractor
6. NOC from the Chief Fire Officer, CONCERNED CORPORATION
7. NOC from the Traffic Police regarding parking
8. Certificate regarding screening of approved films
9. NOC from the Collector.
After the receipt of the same, enquiries will be made through the local Police station and once the report is received,  the license will be renewed.

Ans :

What are the charges for renewal?
Same as given in fee structure.

     The above terms and conditions are subject to change as per State Government rules and amendments made by the Licencing Authority from time to time. The Licencing Authority may ask for any other necessary documents if required other than mentioned above.  

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