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Name of the  Informer will not be disclosed & will be honoured  by suitable rewards!

This page contains the details of the criminals or suspects who are wanted by the Thane police for various reasons. If you ever come across any of the wanted persons, please report the same immediately to the nearest police office mentioning his reference in the website. The information can be given over phone or email also. Your anonymity shall be maintained and you need not be afraid. Be vigilant and you would be a more responsible citizen—we would appreciate that.


CR. No. I 173/10 u/s 420, IPC, Kolshewadi Police Station
The above three wanted accussed persons cheated old women named Housabai Gaikwad age 55, when she was walking with her friend towards Vitthalwadi Railway Station .The three unknown persons came across & saying her "please come with us and bless our landlord's baby " after going at corner they snached her all golden ornaments.



1)  Deepak Ganda Waghari
The above criminal is staying at waghari Nagar, near Vithal Mandir, Ulhasnagar-5 and he wanted in Hill-Line Police station Cr. No. 24/99, U/Sec.385 IPC and he is absconding since from 13/03/99.   

Brief facts of Cr. No. 24/99 U/Sec. 385 IPC
Brief facts of the case are that while complainant Mr. Suresh Acharwala was passing through the by lanes at that time the above accuse person Deepak Ganda Waghari met him in the land and threatened that you are selling your Barrach at 12 lacs Rupees for that purpose I want Rs.1,00,000/- as extortion money, If you are fail to do that then I will see you.

2)  Mrs. Babali Shantaram
The above accuse lady is residing at Maneragon, Morya Nagari, Ramdas Chawl, Ulhasnagar -4 and she is wanted in Hill-Line Police Station Cr.No.68/04, U/Sec. 363,394,384,341,570,506 IPC and she is absconding since from 27/10/04.

Brief facts of this case Brief facts of the case are that on suspision regarding illigit relation between the complainant and the husband of accuse No.1. The accused persons took complaint forcibaly in Auto Rickshaw kidnapped her and taken one golden chain and ear-rings worth Rs.6,000/- forcibly and thereby made an offence of robbery and further to that the complainant mother and made an offence of extortion.

3)  Babuji-ali Mela-ali, aged 20 yrs.
The above accuse is residing at Patil Nagar, Near Ambivali station in Irani locality. The above accuse is wanted in Hill-Line Police station Cr. No. 71/03 U/Sec 420,34 IPC and he is absconding since from14/08/03.

Brief facts of the case The Brief of the case are that the complainant was incashed Kisan Vikas Patra of Rs.10,000/- in Post-Office and while he was counting the amount the accused person interrened and told the complainants that the some of denominations of Rs.100/- are duplicates and torn, and asked to see it, meantime he made some malling and taken 37 notes of Rs.100/- each and thereby cheated complainant.

4) Yogesh Shetty About 20 to 22 years Approximately
R/ at: Rajshrsagar Building, Kulgaon Badlapur.I 127 / 97 I.P.C. Section 384, 323,506(2)
This accused wanted this crime theatre, we are taken search of this accused at Mumbai, Thane, Raigad District and gave Information to all above P.S. about this accused. We are trying our level best to search this accused, Moreover we are taking help of informers. We also inform about this accused at Local people and Requested them if found please contact our P.S.

5) KALIDAS @ KALI MURLIDHAR, Age about 24 years,
R/at: Boudh Bhatwadi, Ghatkoper Mumbai. I 65 / 01 I.P.C. 385,323,506,34 place of Offence-Hendrepada Badlapur.
Above Named Accused is wanted in the Said Crime, therefore we are search accused at Mumbai, Thane, Raigad and Pune District. But not found. We are trying our level best to search this accused. We also try to collect confidential information about Accused Moreover, we also inform local public about this accused and requested them if found please contact our P.S
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