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Report Crime

You may be either a witness or victim of crime. Well, it is not easy to come forward but if no one reports crime to the police, Criminals commits more & more crime, also damage property and finally justice is denied forever.
When the crime is in progress?

1) When the crime is in progress?
  • Speak loudly to attract attention of people at public place.
  • Don’t get frighten and try to resist with all your might if you have no other choice.
  • Try to remember the identity of the criminal like face,hair style, language also permanent mark of injury, mole etc.
  • Just a hobby, notice the registration number, colour, make of the vehicle.
  • If you are the witness, try to follow the crime vehicle and catch him when you feel confident.
  • In emergency try to dial 100 or
    Control Room Landline No.022/25442121/3535/2828/3636.
    Bhiwandi control room-02522/254100
    Kalyan control room-0251/2313427,
    Ulhasnagar control room-0251/2705151.
  • Alert nearest policeman on the road/street or at nearby chouki.

  • A) If do not see any policeman,then

  • Immediate inform to control room by dialing 100 or landline no. 022/25442121/3535/2828/3636. Bhiwandi control room-02522/254100,Kalyan control room-0251/2313427,Ulhasnagar control room-0251/2705151.
  • If you are facing immediate threat or in an emergency,ask for police help & given information will be passed on to local police without any delay, also better to give contact number to the control room to guide the police patrols.
    B) Going to local police station :

  • At the local police station, you will be asked to provide the details of crime also to make a statement about the facts of the case, As per contents of your complaint, police will register a case under relevant section. If inadequate response at police station level, then you can always contact of divisional and zonal offices.
  • You will receive a FIR number/N.C No. that you can ask about progress in your case
3) Reporting a crime anonymously
  • It is not compulsory that you should disclose you identify when you report crime to police
  • You can always provide the detail information about crime by dialing to local police station/control room as writing letters as sending e-mails.
Please remember
  • After giving information about crime you will not be called to police station as witness (if not necessary)
  • Also you will not be for witness without your consent.
  • In specific case, even if you are victim, then your details will not be made public by the police against your will.
4) When you have dial
  • Emergency number 100
  • Remember 100 is an emergency number, its means that is should be dialed only in serious situation like

    1) When your Life and Property is under immediate threat
    2) When someone’s Life and Property under threat
    3) When you witness of Incident/Accident & there is no police men nearby Incident
    4) When someone’s is disable and argueing for help
    5) When you come across the criminal wanted to police
    6) When you have urgency and trapped in serious traffic jam for long time.
    7) When you are unknown with locality and nearest police station
    8) When you do not find adequate response from Local Police station

5) Avoid misuse of 100/Control Room Phone Number.
It is to be advised that any Fake/False call to 100 will not only delay the police response but also denies proper relief to the persons who genuinely need immediate help.!

    1) In normal situation inform to your Local Police Station
    2) At a particular scene, only on from group call with all the details is enough, Everyone need not to try 100
    3) Try to differentiate between emergency and normal situation
    4) Be aware that children’s not to play with emergency numbers
    1) Remember hoax call is an offence.
    2) Do not use emergency numbers to give Test Calls
    3) After getting response, don’t give second call
    4) Never call 100 to find out router to particular place, Garbage disposal in your colony and complaint about water supply etc.
    5) Never use emergency number to give thank’s & best wishes
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