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Near Kalwa Bridge, Thane (West)
Pincode No. : 400 601.

Banking Precautions
1. Do not give introduction to an unknown person for opening an account in your Bank.

2. Never encash cheques/drafts of an unknown person through your account.

3. Do not keep your account inoperative for a long time.

4. To avoid theft in postal transit or courier services and subsequent cheating, keep track of the
    cheques/drafts/pay orders sent through post & couriers services.

5. As far as possible, bank transactions should be handled personally.

6. Take care of your cheques books. Do not keep signed cheques in the drawer or any place
    where outsiders have an easy access.

7. All bank transactions should be counter checked to ensure that the deposited cheque have

8. The monthly statement of your bank account should be invariably checked.

9. At the time of withdrawal of cash, account holder should physically check the cash counter.
    Never hand over the cash to a third person for counting.

To avoid bouncing of cheques:

1. Insist for D.D. or Pay Orders if you are dealing with an unknown party.

2. Postdated cheques should be avoided

3. If a cheque bounces you should give a notice to the person within 15 days of such intimation
    and if no reply is received, you should file a complaint in the court under section138 of
   Negotiable Instruments Act, 1981 where effective remedies are available to the public.
   All cases of bounced cheques may not be offences of cheating under the Indian Penal Code.
Bomb Blast Precautions

Citizens are requested that information regarding any suspicious activities, abandoned vehicles, articles, and other objects be promptly communicated to the police at the nearest police station or on telephone No. 100. The police also be informed of any strangers who may have come to stay in your neighborhood and whose activities appear suspicious. Information given by citizens regarding any suspicious persons and their activities will be kept confidential.

The police will continue to organize nakabandis, combing and search operations and therefore citizens are requested to cooperate and bear with inconvenience, if any.

Citizens may please note the following precautions:

1. Stay calm and do not panic.

2. Discourage rumor mongering.

3. Do not touch any unidentified object. Explosive could be concealed in anything like toys,
    transistors, lunch boxes.

4. Do not accept any parcel from strangers.

5. Sensitize all your family members, especially children.

6. Ensure that you roll up all windows and quarter glasses of the vehicle and lock up the
   vehicle every time you park it. Bonnet and dickey should also be properly secured.

7. Before opening a car door, driver should make sure that its dickey, bonnet, doors have
    not been tempered with. If there is any suspicion, help of local police should be taken.

8. Pass on information about the abandoned vehicles, articles etc. promptly to the police at the
    nearest police station or on phone number 100, 25612222 and 25643333

The above terms and conditions are subject to change as per State Government rules and amendments made by the Licencing Authority from time to time. The Licencing Authority may ask for any other necessary documents if required other than mentioned above.  
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